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Helpful links N, OO9, OO & O
Nigel Lawton OO9
Brian Madge OOn3
Fitting Hornby Decoders

Fitting Bachman/Hornby Decoders
By Bromsgrove models.
Track controller for N, OO & O gauges DC 12v (standard trainset transformer 16vac)
This is a microprocessor controlled PWM
c/w overload cutoff,
has audio warning for short circuit

for the widest range of N scale available in the UK

SM32 Templates
3ft Rad 3w Pnt Template
3ft Rad Y Pnt Template


These controllers have been designed for the new generation of small coreless motored 009 models Nigel Lawton
60mA Train control uses PWM
9, 12 volt dc. can be supplied with
switchmode supply.

Wiring is simple Nothing can be connected wrong. 2 wires to track, socket for ac adaptor & DIN socket for controller.

My analogue Train control uses PWM
12 to 16 volt dc.

Can be supplied with switchmode supply.

It is intuitive
to use after a short time.

Switch mode AC Adaptor Input : 100~240V 50/60HZ AC
Output : DC 9V 1A 2.1mm plug
suitable for Micro coreless motors

Switch mode AC Adaptor Input : 100~240V 50/60HZ AC
Output : DC 12V 1A 2.1mm plug

Switch on, unit checks circuit & all LEDs.
Then you hold the 'Deadmans handle' Button,
Release the
'red button', train stops.
To start the train moving, hold the green button the train starts and increases speed while held or you can press release, press release to accelerate slower.
To change direction, press Yellow button once, train will gradually slow to a standstill, then change direction. Then you press Green button again to accelerate.
To slow down or stop. Press the
Red button, works similar to the Green button but decreasing speed.

My Speed control Module
for Battery powered Locos 3 to 18 volt.
uses Pulse Width Modulation
The controller is suitable for most garden railway battery
models such as Jessie, jack from IP Engineering
and Baguley from Accucraft.
The maximum current is 3A maybe a 5A later.
Wiring diagram
supplied c/w potentiometer

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Useful Downloads

Zipped Rocrail-3201 software

including Cass Track_Plan

IP Engineering Home build parts
Accucraft Home Build Parts (TrackShack)

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